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In The Heart Of Woodhill Forest

Experience the Jeep 4WD Adventure Park difference - guaranteed to raise the hairs on your back – but safe and fun at the same time... Jeep Woodhill 4WD Adventure Park offers 2250 acres of unique flat to steep forested sand hills with areas of clay in the heart of Woodhill Forest, Auckland.

Jeep Woodhill 4WD Adventure Park caters to all skill levels from first time off-road users and factory standard 4WD vehicles to club level four wheel drive vehicles.
Drive a Hagglunds BV206 personnel carrier in Woodhill Forest, AucklandACL_5454_1.JPG
Extreme Thrillseeking Adventure  Family Ride On A Hagglund Personnel Carrier...


Introducing: The first Hagglund Personnel Carrier ride in Auckland - the ultimate in thrillseeking adventure for just you (you can drive it!), your family, or your business collegues. This is a definite MUST-DO in your life-time event. To watch some cool videos of what a Hagglund Personnel Carrier adventure could be like for you and your family at Jeep Woodhill 4WD Adventure Park then click here...

Fun Family Day at Jeep 4WD Woodhill Adventure Park
A Fun 4WD Family Day Out...
(We definitely cater for people who are new to four wheel driving or have limited off-road experience)

Looking for something 'interesting' to do with the kids (or your partner?). Are the children driving you up the wall and need to get out into some fresh country air? Come to Jeep Woodhill 4WD Adventure Park and initially rive our beginner trail until you are comfortable and know how your 4x4 vehicle handles off road... then proceed to the picnic area... or feel free to join the main Rubicon Trail and explore Jeep Woodhill 4WD Adventure Park at your leisure... and be amazed how much fun the whole family has together...

Click here to see how to get to Jeep Woodhill 4WD Adventure park
Where Is Woodhill Forest?
(And What Happens There?)...

Woodhill Forest is in Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand and is THE place where people from all around the North Island sneak off to in the weekend with their 4x4 (and their mates, work colleagues or family) to go to 4WD heaven!

Jeep 4WD Adventure Park, Woodhill Forest, Helensville, Auckland
Open 9am - 5pm Saturday & Sunday (and private events mid week)

Have fun in your 4x4 out of Auckland at Jeep Woodhill 4WD Adventure Park
What Are You & Your 4x4 Doing This Weekend?
If you want to have fun with it in a safe and controlled environment (no scratches or dents) then check this out!...

Does your 4x4 whisper in your ear to drive it off the tarmac and go off road? Who else has the desire to take their 4WD vehicle on a little adventure that is controlled (i.e. won't dent or scratch it) yet loads of extreme fun for you, your family, or a group of work mates? Click here to learn all about the offerings of Jeep 4WD Woodhill Adventure park where you bring your 4x4 for an all day fun experience...
Night Adventures, 4WD Club Member Days, Tag Along Trips, Driver Training, Corporate Team Building Days, Fun Day Out For The WHOLE Family and more...

4WD Training...
If you have only driven your 4WD on the suburban streets of Auckland (and beyond), then find out exactly what your 4x4 can really do!

Have you ever wanted to drive your 4WD vehicle like a pro? Wish you could get the maximum amount of extreme fun out of 'off roading' the of Jeep 4WD Adventure Park at Woodhill Forest in Auckland? Wish no more! Click here to learn about this NZQA 4x4 course...

Hire a 4WD vehicle at Jeep 4WD Adventure Park in Woodhill Forest
So You Don't Own A 4WD Vehicle...  Then Simply  Use Our 4WD Vehicle For Guided Tour Of Jeep Woodhill 4WD Adventure Park

Maybe you have stumbled upon this website looking for a new adventure... and you really want to take a 4WD vehicle for a drive in terrain they are designed for  ... mud, water, bogs etc :-) But sadly you don't own a 4WD vehicle? Due to huge demand we now have a number of 4WD vehicles you can use and go on a guided tour of the awesome Jeep Woodhill 4WD Adventure Park ... if this interests you  book your tour today!

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